Access International





Access International's main switching equipment is located within one of the largest telecommunications-based buildings in the world, One Wilshire, in downtown Los angeles, giving Access International direct connection with the world's largest international carriers.



The strategic location takes advantage of new cable and satellite circuits that connects the Asia Pacific to the United States and the global community.



Maintaining a presence at One Wilshire's "Meet-Me-Room" allows Access International and its clients to easily establish accessibility to and from international gateways.



Our international gateway switch with the latest SS7/C7 software and frequent technical maintenance ensures successful operation of our network.


  One Wilshire

Our Advantages

Advantage#1: Location

We are in the premiere international gateway "telecom hotel"– One Wilshire, Los Angeles, California, USA. Easily Inter-connect with the IXC's, ILEC's, CLEC's, ISP's and international service providersthat constitute your networks all in one convenient location.


Advantage #2: Technology

We put you on par with the largest facilities-based carriers with our state-of-the-art digital switching system. Our switch has the highest level of reliability of any switch in its class and provides the next wave of intelligent services.


Advantage #3: Fast Implementation

We offer fast provisioning along with rapid resolution of trouble calls received from the carriers with our best effort to respond, identify and repair each problem immediately. We maintain on-duty switch technicians during normal business hours, as well as on-call technicians available 24 hours a day.

Advantage #4: Security

Our switches provide firewalls and passwords that isolate each carrier's inbound and outbound ports. This offers greater network protection of your E-1 and T-1 ports, CDR's, OSS routers, and Remote Test Access codes.


Advantage #5: Co-location

Your equipment can be housed at our site – full sharing of air conditioning, technical staff and Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS).


Advantage #6: Economy

Access International has grown to be a leading gateway switching outsource provider for international facilities-based carriers. With our existing switches, facilities and technical resources, you can defer millions of investment dollars.

Advantage #7: Professional Engineering Support

Our support personnel will be available to offer assistance in your network design, fault management and alarm diagnosis.

Advantage #8: World-Class Traffic Monitoring

Access International provides carriers the capabilities to perform traffic monitoring and to identify network problem sources from remote locations.

Advantage #9: Documentation

We will provide Call Daily Records (CDR's) and operational measurements (Om's) in a mutually acceptable format as required to allow proper billing tracking and fraud control. We also provide carriers full access to their records giving them complete control and overview of their network's activity and allows them to pull out their CDR's every hour, all from within their base location.

Advantage #10: Facilities Maintenance

Access International conducts timely and regular switch maintenance programs to optimize performance and minimize disruption.