Access International




Access International provides multiple carrier and enterprise gateway services with the highest industry standards such as:

  • Facilities Management

  • Switch Partitioning

  • US representation for FCC 214 license

  • Carrier coordination

  • Complete telecom billingĀ 

  • Complete debit cards and phone cards platform

  • Cross connect services

  • Back and long haul management

  • Co-location

  • US and worldwide termination via TDM or SIP

  • US and worldwide toll free origination serviceĀ 

  • US local access numbers (DID)

  Access International

Access International also caters to service providers that would like to offer telecommunication service to their customers including:

  • Co-branded or white labeled long distance phone service

  • Co-branded or white labeled worldwide phone cards

  • Value added services such as voicemail and conferencing


  Access International